Fifty shades… of mundane.

So recently… or more so than other things. I’ve decided to start reading the Fifty Shades… series, which as everyone my age and above – and a couple below – knows, starts with Fifty shades of Grey. Alright so I really only began reading this books, so that I could say it was bad and know what I’m talking about, instead of being all prejudice, because I don’t like Twilight – sparkling vampires? Come on woman, you could have been more creative. So I started the book thinking I wouldn’t be able to get past the first chapter, like Twilight – yes I tried to read the books and I have seen all the films – but surprisingly, it wasn’t that bad, for a first novel and quite a long one at that, I didn’t expect it to be that long to be honest, but I tip my hat to E.L. James. Any ways so I’m just over 3 chapters in now and I’m actually enjoying reading it. Although I can still feel the Twilight seeping through in the foundations of the idea, characters and themes, but hey ho I can kind of ignore that and focus on other stuff. Although she seems to be rushing things without rushing them in place, if that even makes sense to anyone but me, but then that couple just be her style or because this is her first official novel and she playing around, or somewhat uncertain. Sure I rush my work sometimes just so I can get everything down, because inspiration strikes again in the wrong place, leaving me with a new idea and the smell of rot coming from the old one – lovely image there right?

So I actual bought the whole series, because it was cheaper than buying just the one book and if I do find I want to read them all I can and if I don’t I can sell them and make a profit – yay for the money making scheme..! Although I was already reading this new book, so technically now I’m reading two books at the same time and it takes me a while to read a book, mainly because I read really slowly, because I like to take everything in or something like that…

But on wards, as well as taking up reading Fifty shades of Grey, I have also starting watching Suits, which is quite interesting and slightly informative, although not exactly edge of your seat stuff, it’s something nice to have on in the background and what not, when I’m eating or revising or whatever other slightly dull and mundane activity I’m doing at the time, because my life if full of them, until the 16th, then I’m free to go crazy, although I probably won’t.

Quote/saying of the day: Remember the past, plan for the future, but live for today, because yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come – Unknown


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