An accidental smudge in the circle of life…

So it’s been a little while since the last time I posted, so I thought I’d start things off again with a little bit of a bang, literally.

So me and a couple of mates decided that we were going to try and sell some of the stuff we no longer want/need at a car boot. It took a little while and a long night, be we all decided on a car boot we were willing to go to, because the original idea would have meant getting up crazy early. So we all crammed out shit into the back of my friends van and headed out Sunday morning. I was dead tired, because I had been up until around 3 the night before and we had to get going at 7. Right so me and my friend were meant to be follow in other friends in the van, but she shot past the turning she was meant to take and low and behold we found ourselves having to use the Tomtom to find our way there, which wasn’t a bad thing or anything, but hey ho it would have been better if she had just follow the van instead – you’ll understand why. So I was doing my hair as we got into the car and forgot to put my seat belt on. I know really stupid of me and very dangerous.

We were heading round with nasty corner on this road that winds uphill and past this really nice house that I always admire whenever I pass, when the worst thing possible – or maybe not quite – happened. So the corner was a little bit bigger than it my friend thought and she accidentally slid onto the other side of the road and another car was coming the other way, down the hill. So I scream at my friend who somehow hadn’t registered the car in the time it took me to, so she swerved and I thought oh good we’re going be alright, maybe just a tap and smashed headlights. Then there was a loud bang and an air bag was sitting on my lap, while my friend yelled at me to get out of the car, because she thought it was on fire and to be honest there was a lot of smoky like stuff floating around me. So I got out as quickly as I could, checking myself over.

Oh I just realised I forgot to put in the bit about me putting my seatbelt on, which is probably why now I have a horrible ache all over. I also had to hair pins attached to my skirt, which left too small scraps, where they had bug in and removed skin and the clove box of the car open and scrapped some skin off of my right leg. I also have a mystery cut on my right shoulder. But honestly we came out looking pretty good, but the car didn’t. The entire front of the car was smashed in, although the other car only had one headlight smashed, but it wouldn’t start when she tried to move it out of the way, so that other cars could get by and her air bag didn’t come out, which was the first thing she said when she climbed out of her car, swearing as she did so. Her and my friend were shaking like mad, although I think she was more scared/shocked than we were, because she had the medics fully check her over, but that could have had something to do with her being a nurse and being over cautious or something.

The people who lived in the house that I always admire were really nice and apparently it’s a common occurrence for people to crash there, they said about 3 times a year and we had a nice little chat about how they’ve been trying to get a sigh put up or something.

Of course the police came a my friend – being the driver – had to do one of those breath tests. She was a little afraid at first about being arrested, because of how the accident had happened, so I spent a couple minuets trying to convince her she wasn’t going to jail. Our friend with the van drove back find us, although I wasn’t sure if that was a good idea, as they just blocked the road up even more, but they insisted on coming. For obvious reasons we didn’t go to the car boot and after making sure everyone was alright, he drove off and got a bigger car to take us all home, picking up his girlfriend on the way, as someone had texted her and she wanted to make sure we were alright in person. I got a couple ‘Are you alright’ texts during the rest of the day, from people who slowly hear about the accident. But I think all my ‘injuries’ really mainly came from the seat belt which I’m glad I was wearing, even though now I feel like someone has been whacking me with a bag of potatoes or something, but hey ho that’s life or at least until they come up with a better word for it.

Although I seriously glad that this weekend is a bank holiday weekend and I have today off, although I could do without my father and his girlfriend around, asking me questions all the time and getting overly upset when I don’t answer, because I’m still feeling sort of fuzzy in the head and aren’t registering things fast enough for them. I’m honestly not being rude, I just don’t hear them properly or don’t register until they’re already moving onto something else.

I don’t really want to go back to the real outside world, where I’m going to have to go back to writing essays and carrying around a surprisingly heavy bag for what in it, but the world await and all that jazz. Hopefully I can get some alone time this evening.

Although I’ve been all stressed out about this problem I’ve been having with paypal today. I accidentally got into some negative balance with my paypal account and I’ve tried to right this, but something on paypal’s end has gone wrong or something, because the money has left my bank account and everything, but not arrive in my paypal one. So I’ve sent them several emails about, all lovely and friendly ones full of long and complex words that make me sound like I ‘know’ about this sort of thing. When honestly I don’t ‘know’ all that much, which is why I’m stressing. And my new found friend isn’t being much help, although he’s got enough on his mind without my problems, just another person to be careful around.

Ah my new found friend. So I’ve got a texting buddy, as he likes to call it. And it’s basically is what is says on the tin. A mate who you text, we might end up meeting up, but maybe not. It’s sort of nice though, because if I say something stupid or nasty it doesn’t really matter because we don’t have to see each other, although he’s got all these mental issues and personal issues and stuff, which means he can be sort of depressing at times, but sometimes he’s nice just to ‘talk’ to but stuff I don’t talk to other people about.

Me and a couple of friends have also decided that we’re going to go camping in Cornwall for part of the summer. Like we did last year, instead of going abroad, but I’m hoping Cornwall will be just as fun as going abroad – fingers crossed for nice weather and all that jazz.

Quote/saying of the day: Life is too short to be serious all the time, so if you can’t laugh at yourself, call me… I’ll laugh at you – Unknown.


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