The short moment of a kick back…

So Saturday was fun. I had a couple people round, but there was sometimes when it was a little dull. I think bigger parties are more my thing. Small things seem to be a bit more… stressful. Although most people would say it’s the other way around, but hey I’m not most people, I’m just me. I’m thinking about doing something next/this weekend as well, since I almost have the house to myself and I have a little bit of stuff left over from yesterday, which I’m not going to be able to consume on my own, due to my new health diet, that I’m supposed to be on. It’s not exactly doing badly, but I’ve not put that much effort into it yet. As I wanted to get my exercise routine down, before getting into the food side properly. I think getting my body used to exercise again, might be best, instead of everything as once and I still have some more research to do, before I actually start creating my new diet. I could go on about this, but honest I think I’m going to make this one a short post, as I’m feeling a little whipped out. Not exhausting in a physical way more mentally. I’ve been really mental lately and using my cognitive skills a lot more than usual, for things I don’t usually think about, so I’m just a little drained. I need to recharge before Monday, or I won’t be any good for the day. Although sleeping is still a problem for me. Not the act, just getting to sleep. I mean I’m not ready to take pills yet – I realised that – although I’m thinking about trying some herbal stuff, which I used to use as a child.


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