The day to come…

So I’m off to pick up the big brother tomorrow, as he’s coming home for 3 weeks. So he’ll be back for my birthday – yay the day I was born in right around the corner!

So I met this guy today, right and he said that he liked chubby girls, it’s weird I’ve never actually heard a guy say that before, I’ve known guys who obviously do, but I’ve never heard a guy openly admit it before – I think. So yeah that was fun and I’ve been  writing, although not my novel – blasted thing isn’t going anywhere – but I’m glad that the old creative juices haven’t dried up, that’s something. And I’m to get some of my novel written tomorrow, although that might be disrespectful, if I write during the parade, but maybe in the car and what not, but we’ll see how the day goes, that’s how I’ve been going on lately, one day at a time. When I say lately more like this week, although I had it all planned out nothing has gone to plan and I’m feeling a little down, although that might be correlated to the fact, that my Cherry isn’t replying to my messages, but what the hell, I’ll turn it around somehow. Because I’m still waiting for a reply for my little problem, so I’ve got that to look forward to – whoop.

And it’s nearly the end of the week or at least that’s how it feels, I wish this week had been a little bit more eventful, but one cannot change the past, but I can change the future or something along those lines.

I’m suppose to be getting a good nights sleep, but heck that’s not going to happen, since sleep is still an issue with me, I can’t get to sleep. I just lye awake at night, wishing I was asleep, once I’m out that’s ok, but it’s getting there that’s the problem. Someone said that it might be because there is too much light in my room, so now I’m thinking about changing the curtains to try and block the light out more, but I haven’t gotten round to it yet, so still no good nights sleep tonight. Maybe I’ll be able to sleep on the ride there, sometimes when I’m really tired I find it quite easy to sleep on transport, maybe even easier than in my own bed. Wow I think that’s probably not a good thing there, but I’ll work it out – one day.

Quote/saying of the day – I know I didn’t do one of these in the last post, because I was being lazy. You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams. – Dr Seuss


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