A short and sweet romance.

Maybe one more chance was all this thing needed, or maybe I was in a dark place yesterday, but whatever things are turning around for me and my lovely love life – and with that she jinxes it. So today I’ve ‘met’ two guys. One shy, but nice and not a technophob – yay! And the other is nice and we might go to the same college, or rather he might go to the college next to me, but I’m not too sure what that place is called now, since they changed it’s name recently and everyone just calls it by the really old name, so I actually have no idea what it’s called, but what the hell right?

So yeah other than that my day has been quite dull. I was meant to be going to the dentist, apparently, but when I rang up to check the time, they said I didn’t have one, so I made a proper one, something about calling. They’re really weird about appointments, there has been many a time when something similar to this has happened. But never mind.


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