Searching for a nice guy in the dark with my headphones on…

Are there no nice guys left in my town? After my decision to start dating again, I also made the decision to start dating nice guys, rather than my usual type and the last guy I was remotely interesting in, was either a dough bag, super shy or a technophob, but either way not my type really. If I text a guy I’m expecting him to text me back within the week… is that too much to ask? Alright so this guy, 2 weeks. 2 flipping weeks and it was shortest answer anyone could think of, even though it wasn’t in text talk. My friend set me up with him, sort of and she knows that I liked the ‘nastier’ sort of guy, although she doesn’t really know about my transfer from the dark side. So now I’m considering turned back to it, alright I might be giving up to soon and I know I should stick it out, because I deserve better and all that jazz, but it would be so easy to be the old me again, just one little step…

But I’ve decided to give it one more chance and then that’s it, back to my old ways. It’s just more fun that way, not that nice guys can’t be fun, it’s just they can be a lot more complicated and ‘deep’ than my usual sort. Plus a nice guy is less likely to be a straight talked, as he wants to preserve my feelings and all that jazz.

Alright so I getting into the Pretty Reckless again and I’ve just downloaded one of their albums. I used to like a couple of their songs, but I think I have to be in the right mood and all that, so today it seems that I am.

Any ways here a song of their’s that sort of suits this post a little bit:

Alright so I might be sort of depressing, but hey ho, I like it and all that and if you don’t, don’t listen to it, easy. Although there are aspects that could be better, not that I’m a music expert or anything, just an avid listener. (Plus the lead singer kind of rocks, since she does write her own lyrics and all).

Quote/saying of the day: The real trouble with reality is the lack of background music – unknown (and after ages of searching too, still couldn’t find the owner of this quote).


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