Flooding at the end of the argumentative game…

Alright so I went to my friends gaming night last night, which was really just an excuse for us all to get a little bit drunk. But there was suppose to be a lot more people there, than there actually was, because he had a fight or something with the person that was giving everyone else a lift there and told her not to come any more, so yeah. I’m not too sure what happened, but it involved her boyfriend. I think it was something to do with him not knowing the guy, but how are we meant to get to know the guy, if we never hang out with him? It’s a little bit weird logic, unless she had a lot of group hangs/parties or something like that then we’re not going to all get to know him. I mean I don’t really know the guy, but from the time I have spent with him, he seems that a nice guy and I wouldn’t mind him coming last night, but I wasn’t around so I didn’t get a vote and I don’t think it would have made a difference any ways – some people can be so stubborn. But I hope all this doesn’t start something between the two, because I’m already having a hard time dealing with the aftermath of the last time two of my ‘friends’ got into a fight over something like this actually. Maybe it’s was for the best that I never introduced my guys to my friends, if this is what happens when you do.

What we actually did play.

What we actually did play.

Any ways the night itself was alright, although I did accidental punch the host in the chin, because he was hitting in another girl in front of his girlfriend, although she didn’t notice, so I hit him for her.

Due to the lack of cell reception, I had to walk home. I was planning on walking any ways, but my friend insisted on walking me back and it had been flooded, so he walked through the flood pushing me along on his bike, I felt really bad about him getting soaked up to his knees, but he kept reassuring me it was alright – He a good friend or he still has a crush on me, but either way a good person.

I’m a little bit worried about my birthday plans right now, because of all the fights between people, because I want it to be fun, not have people shooting each other dirty looks the entire night or sniping at each other and all that jazz, so now I’m thinking about not doing it or doing something different, instead.


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