I’m not being disrespectful, I’m just being me… on a bad day

Alright so it seems I’ve missed a could Holidays this weekend – damn I was hoping for a new holiday to celebrate – but I’ll get them next year!

On the lighter, yet darker side, it’s Holocaust Memorial Day. I’m not too sure how I feel about this ‘holiday’. I mean I don’t really want to think about something so sad, but then again remembering the dead can be something good, although the flyer telling me about the day only had one person on it – what the hell, there was definitely more than one person. But looking around at the people who were taking part, I could tell that quite a few of them were just doing it for an – and this is a little harsh – ego boost. So I don’t want to sit around with a bunch of random kids with superiority complexes thinking about some – sadly – dead people, how does that make me a bad person? I can think about them any day of the year and no one gives a shit, but just because I didn’t want to do it today, I have no soul? That’s a little messed up logic there – and a little bit sadistic?

But let’s not think about such horrible things any more – for now.

Today… Well today sucked. I mean it was a sort of typical Monday and I spent the entire day being teased by my friends about something that happened a week ago, hopefully that will blow over soon, or I’m going to have to take a break from being healthy again. I also found myself rambling for no reason, which was a little weird, but I found it quite hard to stop – it doesn’t happen that often I swear!

But it wasn’t all the teasing that made today a bad day. I’ve done something to my legs, both of them. Alright so the left one I can’t put weight on it, without the back of my ankle hurting – I’m hoping I just strained it or something like that, nothing serious – and the other hurts when I move it, although it’s my thigh not my ankle in the right side, also my back is aching from carrying around a rock for about 3 hours – honestly I can’t be bothered to explain why I was carrying around a rock for so long, it was a big and very heavy rock btw.

Alright still doesn’t sound like a sucky day, add a bunch of mental issues on top of that and then take a step back the bigger picture is shrieking ‘What the hell!’

Alright so I’m going to start doing quote for the week, or maybe quote for the day – although I don’t post everyday, so more like quote for the post. So the first one will but Anne Frank it seems.


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