Friendly Muscle growth?

Right so, as much as this might sound like it might be a good thing, in my case it probably never will be. I’m rapidly gaining muscle tone on my arms. I mean I always had slightly muscular arms, because I did a lot of manual labour when I was younger and it didn’t turn to fat every quickly – which I’m glade about, or my legs would be flabby fat right now – but I’ve started working out, as part of my more healthy lifestyle and well it hasn’t quite turned out as I would have hoped. I mean I don’t mind a little bit of muscle, but I’ve already got man shoulders and a reputation for being hard, so I don’t think the extra muscle on my arms is at all needed and I don’t want it. I don’t want muscular arms, alright I don’t want flabby fat arms either. But I was trying out some different things today to see if there was some other work out I could do, that won’t include my arms in it and it seems as though I’m just going to have to be careful for a while. Alright it’s not a big problem or anything I know that, but it’s getting to me and I find myself flexing my arms a lot more recently to make sure that they aren’t any bigger, plus my friend made a comment about it a while ago.

So today, right well I was supposed to do some cleaning, but that didn’t really happen, I mean I did a little. I also had some disguising BBQ ribs, which I ended up giving to the cats, because they liked the taste, but I thought it taste way too much like washing up liquid – suspicious right?

So I’ve been trying to find a good time to do this thing that I’ve been meaning to do for a while now and also time to get my hair cut and styles and also time to go to the dentist, but I can never seem to find the time, I mean when I can do it they can’t and when they can I can’t, it’s a little frustrating, as I like having all my real teeth and well my hair is in need of a cut. I’ve also got to go back to the doctor to get more medication, because my allergic reaction is playing up again and I ran out of pills a long time ago. On the subject of medication, I also have to go back to the hospital soon as well. Oh the many medical things that come into my life these days, it was so much easier, when I didn’t have to spend my days looking for symptoms.

I was looking at my stats today and I’m actually pretty surprised by the amount of people who are following this blog. I mean it’s a bit weird to me, that people would be that interesting in what I have to say on here, sure if it was me I would probably follow me, but then I consider myself to be a bit of a weird person, not that I’m saying that only weird people could possibly follow me – not trying to insult anyone here. But I mean when I started this I thought I would get only a few followers at most, but now I have nearly 50, I know that to a whole lot of people that isn’t really very many, but well it is to me – not to sound sad or anything – but thanks for taking an interest guys – feel like I might have posted something like this before, but just see how grateful I am!

Alright so after that heart-felt moment there, well here’s some music.

I like Avicii, all the stuff I’ve heard has been good, so I hope it just goes up from here, unlike others – unnamed – that I liked and just got worse and worse.

So I’m happy to report that I’m almost sure that my friend isn’t going to cheat on her boyfriend. From what I can pick up on from her body language and what not, she might want to be with this other guy, but she likes her boyfriend too much. Good thing really because the boyfriend is a bit of a jealous freak sometimes. Although I might be reading her wrong, that has happen before – many a time, I’m not an expert or anything, just better than the average.


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