Up to drink and educate you, but first let’s get on…

So it was my friend joint 18th birthday party last night. Which means drinks, films and more drinks really, oh and the trying to avoid the PDA of the couples that turned up. It was sort of hard as the friend kept yelling ‘coupliness’ every time another couple kissed or anything like that, but I just focused on conversation and the films.

Unfortunately for my friends not that many people turned up, because of the slight flooding here and there, but it was still fun even with the masses of people and I think sleeping wise it might have been a good thing, because there wasn’t masses of places to sleep. I and a couple of other people didn’t stay over, we left around 11. Head

ing back to our respective homes to fall onto our nice beds and sleep the night away, instead of partying the night away. I wish I had bothered to bring my camera and taken some shots with it.

Although not that many people turned up, I did meet one new person. Who my friend spent rather a large portion of the night flirting with, even though she is in a relationship, although she did say to me she was a bit worried about the relationship in a way, but I think everything is going to be alright. We did spent a long time on that sort of subject though and I think freaked out/educated someone on it. As we finished off this guys case of cider and heard about his exploits in America. It was pretty fun really and he seemed like a nice guy, that I proceeded to blurt out on the car ride home, which might have been a mistake. I don’t know if it was because I was there, or because he was tired or something else, but the friends who took me home, wow… you couldn’t have cut the tension in that car with a knife. I tried making conversation and lightening the mood, but to no oval so I just gave put and lounged in the back.

But over all I’m glad I went, because I wasn’t sure if I was going to, but I’m glad I did in the end, because I had a good time.


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