Yet to come/has been, taste like Vodka and damage…

So I went over to a friend house yesterday, for a small kick-back – or at least that’s what we decided to call it, since it wasn’t a party. It was fun and we all got a bit pissed, although at first we tried to play drinking games, but we just ended up drinking and not really playing the games at all. I also informed my friends about my new years resolutions and I think freaked them out a little bit, I think the filter on my mouth was working even less than it usually does, although I said that they should stop me if they felt uncomfortable or anything like that, but I think curiosity over took un-comfortableness, as if does. But overall it was a fun night and a suppose a nicer way to start the weekend. Although I arrived home to find my place full of guys, as my brother has decided to invite some friends round and have a poker night or something like that. I don’t know what they’re doing and I don’t want to know really. They’re alright guys, some of them, but I’m not really in the mood right now, as I think I’m still coming down from last night.

There was three of us sleeping on this sofa bed and by the end of it my friend had just rolled off, because she didn’t have the space she wanted and I got stuck to the bed, by a melted marshmallow, which I had been lying on all night, well half the night, my friend started kicking me during the night and woke me up, then my leg was in a position so that the circulation was being cut off, so it was getting painful, but I couldn’t move, because of the marshmallow. I thought that if I moved around too much then I would just spread it, but it seemed to come out alright in the morning, with a bit of scrubbing on both mine and my friends part, but it seems like that sofa bed, has been through the wars any ways and a little more wasn’t going to kill it, so everything turned out fine there. I’ve also made a decision about what I’m going to do for my birthday this year. I’m going to go out with my friends clubbing, those friends that want to come that is. I’m not sure where, because I don’t want to go here, because there is only 2 clubs and they’re both a bit crappy.

Alright so I listened to this song or rather part of this song today and the only lyrics I can remember are ‘Her kisses taste like damage’ and I can’t find the song. It’s really bugging me. So if you have any idea what the song might be, please let me know, because I really want to find it.

So yesterday I was talking to my friend about the film I watched ‘First time’ and I was saying that I would like my first time to be like that, someone you meet over a weekend and connect with, then there isn’t pressure at the end of the weekend to even see each other again, but you still want to because you really got to know that person, even though it was only a couple days and she basically called be a slut, not because of what I said, but because of what this guy I didn’t like so was trying to freak out, said to my friends about me, which now makes me not like him even more, I’m not sure what it was about him that I didn’t like, he just annoyed me, so I didn’t want to be friends with him, but my friend did, so I decided to under handed – is that the right expression? – but any ways, as far as I can tell some of my friends think I’m lying to them and some of them are sure and some of them don’t mind either way. But whatever they think is whatever they think at this, point because I have told them the truth, but people will believe whatever they want to believe that is the way we are built, as far as I can tell.


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