Whiteboard plots and creative decisions… for me

So Christmas is over and I’m sort of glade, this Christmas wasn’t really a very good one for me, but I’m not going to go into depth about all that.

So recently I’ve been trying to write a novel and this time finish it. So today I started, the idea I had in mind seemed simple enough, it was a love story and it involved time travel and also the reader loosing their memory. The entire story is based around the writer or me, telling the reader who they are, so it’s set in the 1st person, but it also seems a bit 2rd person-ish, because of the continual use of ‘you’. Although writing in 2rd person is considered to be actually really quite hard to do well, I quite like it. I wrote this one for a class once and well is got me top marks, so maybe that just boosted my confidence in writing in that person, but it can be quite fun and it also has this sort of aspect of drawing the reader right into the story, which can be quite good and fun to do as well. In this one the reader is part of the story. But I was summarising my outline to my brother, because he readers a the kind of genre where time travel pop up a lot and so has some theories about it and I thought I’d run mine by him, but to be honest all he did was make me not want to write this one. He made the whole story seem way more complicated than I had first thought and well I didn’t want it to be, but apparently if you can’t put the laws of science to back up your time travel, then people won’t like it. So I’m thinking about making myself a white board, because buying one is too expensive and writing an outline of the story and working out all the ideas behind it and all that jazz. But I’m also thinking about letting this one lye, until I have more time to give it proper thought and detail and maybe working on something that I can give that proper detail with the strenuous thought processes, because I want to finish it by the 1st, although now I’m thinking that not going to happen, but I want to at least have done 1/3 of it, at the very least. I know I can write a lot in one day, but that also means that I probably won’t be eat or sleeping too much in those, however many hours it is until new years and I’m also going up to my cousins on the 31st, so I might not be able to write much then, because I get motion sickness and my father is driving, which means it going to be pretty bad. For some reason I always get more sick when my father is driving. I think it’s just his driving style is more jerky or something, I’m not really sure.

But I thinking about setting back to work on my three part series that I’ve had in the works for a while now. Now and then I think about the plot line and add a little here or there, but I haven’t written much in a while and the third book hasn’t been touched, since I wrote the beginning, which is also the end of the second or the first, but the second in the time line. I’m not too sure which way I’m going to release/finish them, so the second could be the first and the first could be the second, but I’m certain the third is just the third. Because the first describes how and why the second comes into being and the third completes the second, so I think if I made the second first, then I would have to put the first after that, so that the second would make more sense and then to round it all off the third, because the third won’t make sense without the first before it, so the third is always just the third – if that makes sense, I think it does.

So any ways, I’m not too sure if I’m even going to go back to the series for this, I might pick up something else that I’ve had lying around for however long. It strange that I can remember all of my plots – and there are a lot of them – but I can’t memorise things for exams in the same way. Maybe it’s because I make the plots myself, or because I am invested in the plots more than the memorisation of exam topics and what not. Honestly if you’re not interested in something you’re not going to remember it are you? But I can remember the plot for my very first book and this was way back when I was only just learning to read and write. It was the revenge story, about a girl who’s brother is killed, to be honest I never really gave a reason for the death of her brother it just happened. Any ways in the death of her brother and main character find out she had a power, there’s all these people in the story with powers over elements, but I also created light and dark powers, but at the time I was calling them gold and dark powers, until I realise light and dark was better, so she had a golden power, which of course was rare and so she sets out on a journey to hunter down her brothers killer. I never finished the book, because about half of it was lost, due to my brother and I lost my spark for it, but I’m still sort of proud of the accomplishment that I did get half of it written, it was going to be a really long book. Honestly a lot was going on. Because at first it was just going to be about the main character journey and victory over evil, blah blah blah, but then it turned into the whole worlds victory over evil and this great struggle, that tore apart lives and this secret love affair between a princess and a commoner and all this other stuff, that had nothing to do with the main character at the time, although the character did intersect at the end. I had a big and highly active imagination when I was a child and I like to think that I still do, but I’m not too sure any more. Perhaps it’s just more of a refined, but still active imagination. I suppose you need one to become a popular author, you need to imagine what other want to read and then create it, I suppose, although at the moment I’m mostly writing for myself and not the reader, maybe after finishing something and trying to get published I’ll change my ways, but I feel like if I start writing solely for the reader, then I won’t be able to write any more, because writing won’t be what it is to me now, it’ll be more like a chore that I must do and right now I don’t want that to happen, maybe in the future, but you can really see what will happen to my writing in a few years from now. Although I can guess that it might still be the same, if I don’t give myself a kick in the ass now and then.


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