The construction for my living imagination

So I’ve got my piece of plastic and now I just have to make a frame for it and then I’ll be ready to rumble. I also think I’ve decided what story I’m going to start my with. Red – it’s a working title – the basic story is about people demons and the good and bad in everyone also there a lot of other stuff and of course as there is in all my stories a romance. I think I’m pretty good at writing them so it makes sense to continue, as I also like writing that sort of thing.

So it’s looks like things are on the up and up, if I can get this frame built in a few days. The actual piece of plastic isn’t like how I imagined, so it’s not the best, but I’ll make do. I was hoping for something more square, since it looks like 2 pieces of A3 paper stuck together by the smaller ends, which is a bit annoying, because everything will have to be done across and that not really my usually formate, so I’m going to have to learn to work with that. But I think I can make it work, or maybe get another piece or something, although it was kind of expensive, so I’m not sure if I can afford another piece, but it’s clear plastic, so it’s less like a white board, which I think I actually like right now, although everyone – that’s was helping me come up with ways of creating my own white board – seems to be fixed on it being a ‘white’ board, with ‘White‘ as the main feature, it doesn’t matter too much, as long as it serves it function and there is this piece of white plastic or paper behind it, so I think I can just leave that there and that will do the trick, since it’s going to be in front of a window, so I don’t want the sun to be shining through and blinding me all the time, while I’m working. But as I said I think I’ve got an easy fix for that.

Now for just a little DIY and everything will be perfect, apart from the fact that I’m going away in a few days to see my cousin, which is lovely and all and I want to see them don’t get me wrong, but I also want to get a move on with writing this novel, I really feel motivated to finish it this time and actually try and get publish. I get that I probably won’t or that it will be this tiny crappy place that makes me pay some stupid amount that I don’t have, but that’s not the point of this endeavor.


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