The Christmas showers on gingerbread houses…

So all the family is starting to arrive, well not just the family, but the maybe-one-day-family as well and by that I mean my father’s girlfriend – who isn’t an evil step mother, thank the lord. Although I don’t really like thinking too deeply about it, it seems that my father has good taste in, let’s say, people.

But on from my father’s love life. My friend is trying to pin point a day when all the girls, can make it to her’s for a sleepover. Because we haven’t had one in a long time – at her place. And I think she wants to do some bonding and mend some bridges and all that jazz and just make this into a friendly, friend, friend sleepover, which you would completely understand why, if you were part of my social circle, oh but you’re probably not and if you are, I might just have to move on – but any ways. My friends have been in the middle of a friendship war – as I like to call it right now – so I think this sleepover is either to try and recruit solders, or make a peace treaty – in more war-ish terms there, you think I did alright, I was just going on what I know of the 1st and 2rd world wars.

So it’s nearly Christmas and a couple of friends came over today to make a gingerbread house kit, which turned out alright at first, until the roof fell off and we tried to eat it. Honestly it wasn’t very nice and I think I might just throw it in the bin or something, unless any of the family wants to try their luck. But it was fun and all that jazz, so time well wasted.

Although Christmas is only 2 nights away, I don’t feel like it is. I’m still not feeling Christmasy and it’s sort of getting to me, maybe I’ve just got to that age or something, although I know people a lot older than me, who get much too excited about Christmas. Maybe it’s because this year has been a little different than most, or maybe it’s something else, but whatever it is, I’m just more feeling it right now. Maybe when the actual day comes it will be better,  but for now, it just feel… blah.

It’s been raining none stop here today and there’s been a little bit of flooding. I myself was hoping for a little snow, but looks like I’ll have to be contented with the down pour of rain, rain, rain oh and a little bit more RAIN. Honestly I do and don’t like rain, there are times when it is great and times when you just wish it was stop and never start again, but it’s a must and it’s needed for survival, so I can live with the rain and not just because I’ve got no choice. I’m grateful for it when I think about deserts and places like that, that basically never see the rain.


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