In and out of the Army without Christmas cheer

Alright so yesterday I headed down to an army base to pick up my brother. It was actually quite fun. They split the visitors up into 2 groups according to the person they had come to see/pick up and then they were given their cap badges and then the winners of some competition they had had the day before – I think – did some drills. I’m proud to say they my brother was part of those drills, although they looked a little sloppy, but I think that was because they were all eager to get home and relax, because the training sounds rather… vigorous. Then we were given tea/coffee and snacks, while the boys set up some booth for us to walk around. The entire time we were escorted about the place in these groupings, so you had to keep up or you got left behind and lost. The booth were quite interesting. The first one my group went to was this catwalk of all the different outfits that they wear and it was quite fun, watching these fit guys strut around in their outfits. Then we headed inside for a locker room tour. To be honest the rooms were different than how I had imaged them to be, for one they were smaller. When my brother talked about the barracks on the phone to me, I imaged this big, place, with beds lined along the walls and a high ceiling. But it was a lot less… old fashion than that and looked like a… maybe… hotel or hostel rooms. Although the strictness of the way they had to keep their beds and lockers were high. We got to inspect the lockers and if they weren’t up to standards make the guys do press up, although I think that they would have had to have done something else if it was a real locker inspection. But it was quite fun. Then we headed to my brother’s booth, where they were talking about the weapons. The first thing they did when we arrived, was to make one guy strip down this gun – I actually can’t remember what gun through- in 20 seconds. And then they talked us through the different parts and different sights. We got to have a look at the guns and bits and adds ons, but I was actually surprised by the weighing of the first gun, it was surprising light in the middle and then heavier on either end, which I didn’t expect. I was expecting it to be the same weight all the way through, but then I suppose it wasn’t loaded – for safety reasons – so the mag might have made a difference. After the booths, we were taken to a place to wait for them to get changed into savillian clothing and pack their bags. So all the way back home my brother was telling me stories about things that happened while he was there and the kind of training they did, which is actually quite interesting. Although he was going on about how he had lost weight, which was making me feel even heavier than before. I sort of let myself go a little recently, so I’m back on exercising and I’m going to try and do it everyday, but I don’t know how that is going to turn out, especially was it’s nearly Christmas. But by the time we got home yesterday it was almost 11 and I had this report to write, so I ended up staying up until about half past 2 in the morning, writing and then editing this damn thing, I’m so glad that I’m done with it now!

Although Christmas is about 4 days away now, I’m still not really feeling completely Christmasy. Maybe it’s because I haven’t heard very much Christmas songs, or gone to any Christmas parities, although we did do present giving and all that jazz, so it should be feeling more like Christmas. Maybe I will closer to the day, such as Christmas Eve. Which is apparently the most romantic day to propose, if anyone was thinking about doing that.


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