It’s a Biological space need

Everyone is either running away from something or running towards something, but which ever it is, it is true that everyone is running.

I myself am unsure as to whether I am running away or towards. I would like to think towards, but thinking too hard about it, it looks more like away. Most people tend to deny they are actually running at all and so end up giving themselves a harder time than they need to really.

I used to love running when I was younger, it wasn’t really something I ever did competitively thought and I never really thought about doing anything like that, mainly because I was a little too unmotivated to even bother. Running so something I did for fun… It was a realise. It felt like the rest of the world didn’t matter, in that moment it was just me and nothing else. The closest thing I will ever get to flying, was what I thought back then, but then now I have much greater ambitions. Alright so it may never happen and I’m OK with that, but we can dream can’t we. All people want to fly and so they can, that’s why we have planes and what not, but I want to fly by myself, or something like that, I mean I want to grow wings and fly. But then that probably requires biology and since the ‘man’ didn’t think I was smart enough – fancy that – to do biology, I couldn’t and I wasn’t about to sit through all the sciences again, just to do something with more people like him, who will just look down on me and act like I’m a big moron, who doesn’t belong there. I love the idea of combining human and animal DNA, it fascinates me, but the whole process is yet to really work, well in the sense that I am thinking, sort of a spider man effect, but then I think it might have to be from birth, unless you could find some way of allowing the DNA change, maybe through some form of growth, I don’t do biology, so I don’t really understand fully and from what I have see of my friends biology notes and what not, the sort of biology they do wouldn’t help me much here at all. Maybe in the future I’ll teach myself a little, but right now I don’t feel the need to make my fantasies real, at least not these ones. Wings can wait, until later, when I’ve got the time and money and maybe a little more public respect or something like that – if you get where I’m going with this.

So what got me thinking about running today, well I’m not sure, I was just sitting on the bus staring absent mindedly out of the window, watching the world go by, and the thought struck me, I haven’t run just to run in a really long time and then I started thinking about why. And the reason I came up with was simple, private space. I like to run alone and I like to keep running without obstacles, so I feel like running is only worth doing in a nice private – as can be – wide open space, otherwise I don’t and there aren’t any spaces like that around me any more. I mean compared to where I lived before, people are packing in like sardines. Well that might be a bit over the top, but sometimes I feel like there is no where to go and that can be seriously frustrating, maybe because every where is so owned around here, so it’s hard to find a nice place to go, so I don’t.


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