Lengthening my torso, just a little bit at a time.

So recently – although when I say recently I mean in the last couple of days, here – I’ve re-sparked an interest in Kawaii, or rather the Kawaii hair and clothing style. It’s really cute! I’m quite short myself and looking at it, it seems that being short can be a good thing for Kawaii, as it all about the cutesy angle, which means long torso and that normally adds up to short legs. You see long torso is cute and short torso is elegant, or the other way of looking at it is, long legs is elegant and short legs are cute, I’m not really sure what both the same is, maybe neutral or something.

Although the whole style seems to be quite time consuming, so I might not be able to always do it justice, as some of the outfits I have seen are amazingly details and I think that there must have been a lot of thought put into them. But I still want to try it out and see how it goes – or something like that. As I’ve already been getting into wearing clothes that lengthen my torso and in so doing shorten my legs. Such as shorts and skirts under long and slightly baggy jumpers. That sort of thing, but I want to step it up a notch soon, or for the Christmas season. I always think that spring and the start of summer, give you more freedom with you dress, but then I’m not super big on coats, but since the weather isn’t super hot, just basic mild, you can still wear one if you want and not feel too hot or too cold in doing so. Also there’s always the problem I have with tights. I can never find a pair that fits properly, so I have to buy ones that are too big and end up coming up to my bust, but then during the day they roll down and that can be rather uncomfortable, but luckily they have yet to be so big they fall down, like one of my friends pairs once did, because she was borrowing a pair off of someone else, that was about 2-3 sizes bigger than her.

Alright so this picture has nothing really to do with this post, but I was looking through images and I found this and it’s just so cute I had to share, so I’m sticking it on the end here.

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