Red velvet cooking club relationship

So today I decided to dress up a little. I wasn’t really doing it for a certain reason or anything, I just felt like it and that was all. I got these knee high boots a while back and I’ve never worn them, so today I decided to wear them and I paired them with this dress that I’ve had for a while. I got it for a party, but ended up not wearing it and it’s been sitting there waiting for me to wear it out, for a while now.

I also offered to cook a couple of my friends some soup, well more like they invited themselves to have some soup, as I was going to make some soup and was asking about whether to put cream in it or not. But it was quite fun in the end, although I can get quite controlling in the kitchen, but I think I get that from my father, as he’s the same way, so we can’t really cook together, because it usually ends in a shouting match. But today my friend made some red velvet cake, while I cooked up the soup, leak and potato. In the end I didn’t put any cream in it, because I’ve never had home-made soup with cream in it before, so I thought if it ain’t broken… you know the rest.

So as I already said in a previous post I decided not to date for a while, but then when you make the decision, you think maybe you should have not decided that. So I’ve been thinking that maybe I should just give up and be a little cruel, but then the empathetic side of myself fights for not being cruel… and then today I was chatting with a friend, who’s having some trouble with her boyfriend at the moment and so it made me think that maybe I have made the right decision, because she’s a little well, distraught about the whole drama, of course I tried to comfort her, but really I wasn’t sure what to say, as I really don’t know the boyfriend all that well. We’ve chatted and I wouldn’t go so far as to call us strangers, but we’re not really in the realm of close personal friendship either, but then that’s not always a bad thing, if they brake up over this – which I truly hope doesn’t happen, although you’ve got to let your pessimist side out sometimes – then I won’t have to bother with the boyfriend and their won’t be any awkwardness for me, plus I’ll be able to focus to comforting my friend, instead of worrying about keeping everyone happy.


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