Alone isn’t always lonely.

So today is the first day of my ‘freedom’. Or maybe my trial period. I’m all alone for the week and I’m looking after myself. Dun dun dun..! That’s the dramatic music there.

Any ways everything seems a little weird today, as I don’t have my time parters, to let me know what time it is, which means that I have been having a little bit of a hard time keeping time. Although it is quite fun being by myself, I do like it. Sometimes we need some alone time, to allow ourselves to un-muddle our thoughts and all that jazz…

I’ve got to write an article about the link between science fiction and science fact by Wednesday and right now I have about 2 muddled sentences and 2 sites with stuff I’ve been researching, but luckily the article doesn’t have to be fully finished and polished, to perfection by Wednesday, just written down in some form or another. I don’t think I would be able to sleep tonight or tomorrow night, if I had to have it perfectly done and dusted, as I would be writing it non stop, every second of every day up until I had to hand it in, to get it finished, because I like to get things done right and well as perfect as I can get them, when they’re something like this.


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