Silver to lead in a matter of dead

So the war – between my friends – still rages and as I get to know more and more about it, I find myself moving out of Switzerland and onto one side, although I still don’t think I have all the facts, but considering the what’s going on right now I have a feeling that I don’t want to hear the story from the side I have yet to hear it from, because it seems like they’re manipulating the facts to suit them and leaving big gaping holes, as least that’s what I got from an mostly unbiased party.

If you know you can’t take the heat don’t go into the kitchen, even if you do like the smells that are coming out of it.

Somehow I feel like I’m floating back in time, but also it’s different, because the players have changed and the ones that are the same aren’t on the same sides as they were before. Same old story, just different characters.

But moving on.

So today was… well… it was meant to snow today, but you could tell almost as soon as you had walked out the door that it wasn’t going to snow, it wasn’t cold enough. There was a little bit of sludge at one point, but that was about it, which was a little disappointing, but it might just get colder from here on out and maybe we’ll get some snow later on in the week, I’m hoping Wednesday night. I want it to be nice and thick and then clear up for the weekend, because my friends party is then, or at least the roads be nice and clear, not tragic or dangerous.

I was watching Step up 4 the other day and it has this song and great dance scene with it, but when I heard the song I just fell in love with it.

I’ve been getting into more slow songs lately, maybe it’s the change it season or weather, but whatever it is, I’m not complaining! I also love the outfits in this scene. The dress that the lead wear is gorgeous, but I also like what the male dancers are wearing as well.


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