To stand down wind

So today. Well it was a lovely day really although due to the season, maybe not as warm as I was hoping it was going to be when I stepped out this morning and on my way home I was covered in goosebumps. But I suppose that was all my fault, for not thinking about the season, when I decided to wear a thin jacket instead of something warmer. Hopeful thinking doesn’t always turn out well, but then hey-ho, it’s all over now and I’ll know for tomorrow.

So any ways, on my walk in today I was wandering up the hill, at my own pace, as I had about 20 minutes to spare and didn’t see the point in rushing. And there were the usual small pools of people wandering by. Some on them heading up the hill like myself and then some of them heading down. I was just thinking about something or other, I’m really sure what, when these down guys passed by me and one of them smelt amazing. I know that’s sort of a weird thing to notice and it’s probably even weirder, that the first thought that came into my head, was to turn around and sniff him. But usually I don’t really like the way guys smell, I mean when it’s that strong, because I sort of have a thing about strong smells and also because the majority of the time the smell is Links, which reminds me of my brother and over the years I’ve kind of developed and serious disliking for it. But this guy smelled like… well the way I would describe it is like the love potion that is described in the Harry Potter and the Half blood prince, that is smells like the persons favourite things – or something along those lines. Any ways, this guys scent has been haunting me all day, even time I let my mind wanders, it pops into my head and I have no idea what the guy looks like, but I really want to meet him again.

Alright so I know that it’s probably a little weird that I just spent a large part of this post talking about a guys scent, but you would understand if you were me and had been there. I’m not sure if it would have the same effect on other people, because well a lot of other girls like the smell of Links, so when they smell something new, it might not have the same effect, but then that’s just something that puts me apart from the crowd I suppose.

Maybe I’ll trying walking up the hill, at the same time next week and see how that turns out. When I told my friend about the guy, she said ‘that if we stood at the top of the hill long enough, he was sure to walk by’. But she was just joking around, probably because she thought what I was saying was stupid, but hey-ho the world keeps turning and all that jazz.


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