Daily Prompt: Conflicted

Alright so I can say this from experience, I look at both sides of the conflict and if one of them stands out to me to be more in my interest to support, then I support that side. However if neither side seems very inviting, I turn to become Switzerland and stay neutral, viewing both point and comforting and counselling both sides in turn.
I’m one of those people that tend of avoid such conflict. Physical conflicts I can handle better, then verbal ones, especially when they’re not mine. I mean fighting someone else’s battles had never been something I really enjoy, but I tend to stick up for my friends, apart from when their completely and utterly wrong, but not every ones perfect are they?
But I’m pretty bad at resolving conflicts, as I’m never really seen as the voice of reason, in many cases. However sometimes it’s better to just let things run their course, because you don’t want to be that thing stuck between immovable object and an unstoppable force now do you. I think it would be much more fun, to sit back, grab some popcorn and drink and enjoy the show.
Not that I’m saying that I get my kicks out of watching people argue, but you have to admit that sometimes it can be funny, especially when the source is something really stupid and idiotic, that just kind of spiralled out of control and in reality the arguers are just venting and all that jazz.
So yeah… I’m not really the one to be found in the middle with a hand on the shoulder of each party, talking in a soothing voice about the reasonable way of dealing with things. I’m the one standing to the side, looking on and thinking ‘What the hell is going on?’


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