Danbo obsession.

So my newest find Danbo. A small and rather cute little cardboard person.

It originates from The eastern side of the world, but like all wonderful things that appear there the Western side has taken over and you can even buy a plastic models that moves around and what not. But not wanting to import one from China or America – image it going through American customs! – I decided to make my own, though at the moment I’m still working it all out and also working out how to make the legs and arms move easily, but I think I have the fix for that right now. Although I think I’m getting a little obsessed with them, as I’m thinking of making all these little sets and what not… But these just so cute!!

Any ways today was well dull on the most part. There wasn’t all that much going on in the way of things, but you’ve got to have days like that to fill in the gaps and keep things in perspective and all that jazz.


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