Pokes and needles

So it was to the hospital today. Oh the wonders of the hospital. Sick people, and people who cough at you. Charts and measurements and those oh so lovely awkward questions about bowel movement and don’t forget being asked to pee in the smallest containers possible – it’s alright for you buys, but can’t they make a more female friendly one or something?

But right now I’m trying to type this out with just my right hand – although I’m right handed so it’s ok. You see it seems that my veils are something of a hard thing to find. So every time I get my blood taken, it take them at least 2 tries to actually get any blood out, as they can’t find the veil and are just sticking it into my skin, today it took 2 needles and it still hurting now 3 hours later!

I also had to poked, until I started to feel sick and then go have a scan of my lungs. I mean that’s the only bit of going to the hospital today that was remotely alright, although wearing nothing but a hospital gown can be chilling… But I’ve made it through the whole thing and now I just have wait 10 days to find out the results, which I’m kind of hoping something is positive, something easily treatable, so I can just get this over the dealt with. Because I don’t really want to have to go back, I don’t really like hospitals and as nice as this one was, I’m still not lining up to return.


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