Head up, wood flying.

So I biked over to one of my friends places today, as a couple of us were helping him with cleaning out his garage for next weekend when he’s having a party.

So me and another friend biked over there, it took a lot longer to get there than I remember and when we went up to the room, it was quite small, but he wants to try and fit 16 people up there, sleeping. Which I’m not sure if that is going to work or not, but we’ll find out next.

But it was a fun day, as we didn’t really do all that much cleaning, because him and his girlfriend had done most of it, as she had been there a little while longer than us.

But we did smash up with large wooden crate, as that was really fun and a great anger reliever. But when I was smashing these bits into smaller bits, they were flying everywhere and his girlfriend could hardly lift the hammer, as we did that bit, while she entertained their little brother and sister. Then I won a game of Monopoly, although it was a sort of weird new style of Monopoly, as in the rules were that the first one to 1 million wins, but in the end we just played until me and my friend had to go home, but I still had the most money at the end, so I still won, and I was the first to get to 1 million, so I kind of won on all levels.

Well wasn’t that interesting – meaning boring.


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