Colour me with crayons

So recently I tried making lipstick out of crayons.

Now before a couple of day ago, I’d no idea that lipstick could be made out of crayons, but now I love the stuff.

It’s really nice on your lips and totally moisturising and it stays on quite well. So I’m glad I tried it out. So check out my other blog With a pinch of salt to get the recipe and try it out yourself.

This week has been another hard week. I’m still having trouble sleeping and what not, but I’m trying to catch up on my sleep this weekend and I might be able to recharge Tuesday as well, which will be nice.

At the moment I’m trying to find a present for my sort of hard to buy from friend. It seems that a lot of my friends are having their birthdays around now, so far there has been 2 and there is about 4 more to go until Christmas, which then means buying more presents and there only about 16 Saturdays until Christmas any ways, so it’s all a bit chaotic and all that jazz. But I’m trying not to think about the future to much, because… well, it’s scary and what not, although exciting at the same time, right now I’m just facing everything as it comes and dealing with things that way, although I was hoping that this weekend would be a time for me to relax, it looks like that won’t be, happening, as I have 4 essays to write and I have only just started one of them – I need to learn to do things as I get them and not let them pile up.

DIY lipstick crayon blog


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