What with this?

So today I went to see Elysium. It was pretty good, although a little different than what I was expecting, although not really in a bad way. I thought it was going to be more like a game, but it only really had a couple of gamy scenes in it and they kind of didn’t really matter. The were a couple of things I could have picked on, but they didn’t really take all that much away from the film, so it was alright. But then it was just a little too American for me. I mean most American films are too American for me, but nothing I can do about that.

Anyways have you guys heard about the new DS, the DS2 or something. It’s sound absolutely stupid. At the bottom of an online announcement they put ‘this is not a joke’ because even they think it’s silly. So so sum it up, it’s flat. Unlike every other DS it doesn’t have hinds, stupid right. It’s basically the 3DS without the 3d. Apparently it has the same aspects as the 3ds, such as the street pass and what not, but flat. Alright I just can’t get over the fact that it’s flat. The whole screen is mean to be a touch screen, but there’s some plastic coating over the top half of the screen making it not work when you touch it, but it mean to be cheaper than the 3ds, as it doesn’t have hinds and 3d, which kind of makes sense, as the demand is there, but no hinds? There been some people making videos showing others how to make their 3ds into 2ds’s, it’s kind of funny.

Alright so speaking of things that surprised me today, America. Well American air travel. So going and coming from American has always been a bit of a circus, but recently it’s gone to a whole new level. So now apparently everyone has to strip down to their underwear, although they allow you to wear a top. My friend was telling me about this guy, that went on holiday to Australia and he described going back to the USA like coming back to the camp and he had just been let out for a week and not coming home. So now I’ve given up my ideas about going to the USA any time soon. Maybe in a few years things will have calmed down.

But here’s some food for thought. How come America is the only country that seems to do this and get advertised? I mean I’m sure other countries have done something like this, but why does nearly everyone know when the USA does it? I mean there must be a reason why bombers choose to bomb the USA, I’m that england was part of that whole blah blah blah, so how come we don’t hear about suicide bombers in I don’t know Asia or all those people that set themselves on fire not so long ago. Sure it’s old news now, but back then I don’t remember it being half as well ‘advertised’ as some of the… well most of the stuff that happens in the USA.

I really like this song, so it’s kind of a lighter note to finish things off.


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