Eating chicken curry, while writing.

So other than that I decided to make curry today. Although not from scratch curry and one where you only have to cook the chicken and add the sauce. But it does take some effort, as defrosting chicken in my microwave seems to be more of a challenge then in anyone else’s. It’s been a little temperamental since well, it’s always been a little temperamental with me. But maybe I’m just not using it right, although the last couple of times I tried to defrost chicken in it, it decided to cook the chicken instead of defrosting it, then decided not to even thaw it a little, so this time I was luck none of that happened and it only seems to happen when I’m defrosting chicken nothing else. Maybe it’s the chicken that doesn’t like me or something.

But anyways onwards and upwards as they say. So I’m entering another writing competition – aren’t you surprised?

This ones same as most of the others I’ve entered, they give you a prompt and how to get bonus point – as they like to call them – and then you write something that is 5-10 minute long and they give out the results on Sunday. It’s quite straight forward and easy. The prompt for this one is: “Who Are You?”. There’s a lot more to the prompt than that, because they kind of explain what their looking for and as I said ‘bonus points’, but that’s the actual prompt itself. And it was only posted today and someone has already written an entry. But I’m taking my time over it. I’ve got an idea for what I’m going to write, but I’m not quite sure yet. Something along the lines of someone who isn’t who you think they were and all that assorted jazz.

But really all day I was just procrastinating. I have something that I have to do and I’ve not yet got round to it. I mean I don’t have that long to do it in, but somehow I’ve lost interest in it completely and now I just don’t want to do it anymore, but I feel like it would be rude if I didn’t do it now, so I’m feeling a little frustrated at myself mostly, but also at some people around me, but mostly at myself, as well as this over welling sense of desperation, which I don’t know where is coming from, but it’s there and bugging me for the entire day.


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