Tech through time

So today I awoke with a thirst for pancakes, well maybe not a thirst since you can’t actually eat pancakes, but you get what I mean right?

So I decided then and there that I was going to make some pancakes today. To be honest I wanted blueberry pancakes, but since we didn’t have anything blueberry in the house, I decided that cherry would have to do – I’ve had a thing for cherries recently and luckily when their in season as well, so you can get some nice ones for quite cheap.

Anyways after deciding on pancakes for dinner – the normal time that I eat pancakes, apart from breakfast and breakfast was already over by the time I got up, it’s a little funny that I’ve never had pancakes for lunch, that I can remember. I decided to start watching the secret circle again. Now I had started this series once before and after a while I had stopped because I had found something better to watch, but with most of my favoured series coming to an end right around now, the secret circle wasn’t looking to bad, so I looked it up and started watching – what is with the way I’m writing today?

Now in between chatting with some friends and some strangers – oh I do love to talk to stranger! – and playing a couple of my varied selection of Zelda games – and I do love my legend of Zelda, look it up if you don’t know it – I watched the secret circle, to be honest I didn’t get too far, because about two episodes in I decided I wanted to watch a movie instead and did that for just under 2 hours or so. But I’ve got my teeth into the first part of the first season, although I’m not too sure how many seasons there is so far, because it couple turn out to be like the nine lives of Chloe king, which I fell in love with a little while back now and they didn’t make another seasons, which I know a lot of Chloe King fans were in uproar about, but that was a couple years after they decided not to make another season, it just took a while to get a proper fan base. I mean people can be really impatient. To be honest most people are quite impatient when it comes to media. I mean lots of people expect their favourite TV show to be up on whatever catch up thingy mo-bob (e.g. 4od) they are looking for it on, in about 2 minutes of the TV show being shown on the TV itself, but me I tend to wait till the next day or so. I mean you have to give the guys some time to get it up there and all that jazz.

Talking of tech, I was thinking about the future – never a good thing for me to be doing – but I was more thinking about ‘if’ I ever have kids and I’ve decided that I’m not going to let my children be tech kids. I hate it when you see a child walking around all covered in tech. I mean it’s alright when there teenagers +, but younger than that and I just think it looks wrong. I get giving your child a phone, if they need it, but just giving them one because, I just can’t see myself doing that. I guess I grew up in the years of the tech blast – as I like to call it, apparently – so I got sort of the best of both world and I’m not saying that I don’t want my children to not be able to use a computer or whatever they may be called in the future – oh the mysteries – but I don’t want them to spend all their time on it either. I feel like children that do that are missing out on… well, being a kid. I mean you get frowned upon if you run around screaming when you’re an adult, but you can do that when you’re a kid and sometimes yes your parents will get frowned upon instead of you for it, but that’s something that the parent just has to deal with and all that jazz.


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