Hotties, Booze, Friends and sunshine

So I’ve been down at Cornwall for the last 5 or so many days, having a right good old time with a bunch of great friends.

The first day we got there it was wonderfully hot and after putting up and tent and flinging all our stuff into it we went down to the beach. There were three within walking distance, so we had some choice, although by the end of the trip – when we walked to a beach – we ended up walking to the nearest one. After mooching about in the water a bit, we got some fish and chips or rather I got some scampi and a drink – so not really fish and chips. Then we sat around on the grass and chatting while we ate for a bit, before – as he is known now – ab-man appeared to ask us about ‘if we had seen anyone around with tent, because his phone had gone missing’ – my friend got a little obsessed with him and he was a running joke for the rest of the trip.

When the sun was thinking about setting we headed back to the beach. A bottle of sourz and some cards in hand to play drinking games. In the end the cards were discarded and we played ‘I Never’, which is a good game, as long as you can think of things to say – you have to say something you’ve never done, then if some has done it they drink, simple, but funny.

After finishing the bottle we headed back for a good nights sleep, only to be woken up by the sound of rain splattering down onto our tent – in wasn’t the sound we wanted to wake up to. So after a little talking and some tea, we decided to stick to our original plan and go to Land’s End and Zenner. Which to be honest was not a good idea and we all got soaking wet. But we did get free parking at Land’s End for the rest of the week.

Considering that it was raining and there was a wedding on at the church we wanted to visit, we decided to give up for the day and head on back to the camp site. A little liquid courage – and a game of ring of fire – heated us back up and by nightfall we were out and about like hooligans. A little drunk and speaking – for some unknown reason – in accents, which I think were Scottish – great accent. We headed for the beach again. Some late night swimming or what ended up to be late night paddling, as in the sea weed put us off going in properly.

The next day we woke up to sunshine – it was a wonderful feeling to wake up to sunshine, after a raining day and a drunken night. So after breakfast and tea we decided that going back to Zenner was a good idea, so off we went and this time we got into the church to see the mermaid and also saw some pretty awesome vintage cars, which were parked outside, we thought it was someone birthday or some sort of club. After Zenner we headed off to a very beautiful and quiet cove that had rather rough wave, which were probably because of the heavy wind and rain the day before. Then we headed back to the tent and were my friend made a slightly burnt, but still tasty pot of stir fry – vegetarian, as we had vegetarian’s among us – and then somethings went a little wrong.

My friend’s boyfriend had been texting her during the trip and she was getting a little annoyed with him, as – before the trip – he had said it was OK for guys with girlfriends to look at other girl asses – he’s an ass man you see? – and so when she got a snap chat from him of a girls ass she sort of snapped. Now earlier on in the day we had been watching the fit guys outside play football, with some of the kids on the camp site. So this idea came on one of us – I can’t remember which one actually thought of it, but the idea was raised – that she should got over and get a picture with one of the hot guys to make him jealous. So we all headed out of the tent towards them. But a little way off my friend got embarrass and so I said I’d ask. So went up to him and asked if she could take a picture with him to annoy her boyfriend. He seemed a little weirded out, but did it anyways and like girls we went of laughing and sent the picture to him. This then culminated in him getting completely jealous and wanted to go off a cry in his room – he was on holiday in Greece. So my friend left really bad and called him, which ended up with her crying and saying that she was a bitch and a really bad and horrible person, which we all assured her she was not and to try and get her mind off of it, we went night swimming. But not before I had a nice conversation with who we called ‘colourful t-shirt boy’, about the hat I was wearing, when he asked if he could have it and since it wasn’t actually mine I said ‘no’. During the night swim my friends phone got dropped into the sea twice and so died – so she couldn’t text/call her boyfriend anymore, so she put her Sim in mine and use that to let him know she wasn’t ignoring him, and that her phone was broken. So after we got out of a ice cold water, we played another game of ‘I Never’ and got tipsy of sourz – which is a lovely drink. Then headed back to the tent.

Anyways so on wards. We also went to an old jail and a witch museum – which was kind of interesting, but also kind of creepy at the same time. I got myself a necklace that is meant to increase my psychic awareness and protect me – I haven’t died yet, so it must be working.

We also went back to lands end to see some fireworks on our last night and during the day went to this larger beach and got a boat to use on the sea – blow up boat, called Chastity – and lied on the sand watching the hunky life guards move around and stop people from drowning.

So on a whole it was a fun and eventful trip – although I can’t be bothered to go into detail about everything that happened here, mostly because I’m incredible tired and want to go to bed.


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